On a Sunday, I am quietly reading…

Chesil Beach

I’ll cop to knowing less about Ian McEwan than I probably should. I read Amsterdam (winner of the 1998 Man Booker Award) back when it first came out and I saw the movie version of Atonement.

I know he looms large for many readers of fiction, but somehow I’ve never been very drawn to his work. Maybe because Amsterdam didn’t make much of an impression on me.

I’ve only just started this one…which I gained ownership of during a book swap at a meeting of my book group. The back cover promises that it will be about newlyweds walking through their private fears of their wedding night.

I decided to read it because it is short,

And I had need for a short book.

But I am still hopeful for the adventure that always accompanies fiction.



BTW: Do you have a favorite Ian McEwan title that you would recommend?

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